Inventory Returns – Terms and Conditions

MVW CD032 Approval to Return Goods Form

  1. No products shall be accepted for return without MVW (Pty) Ltd’s (hereinafter referred to as “The Seller”) permission and pre-approval.
  2. Goods damaged or soiled whilst in transit, as well as incorrect deliveries, shall only be accepted for
    return if The Seller is notified thereof within 48 hours of receipt.
  3. An MVW Representative must be informed of any return, including incorrect deliveries and requests for credit, within 48 hours of receipt.
  4. PRO PLAN-specific terms and conditions:
    4.1 The PRO PLAN product range will be accepted for return as per our Satisfaction Guarantee
    detailed on our product packaging.
    4.2 MVW will accept the following PRO PLAN stock if not sold by the expiry date:
    ▪ PRO PLAN DRY Canine, expiry date up to November 2024
    ▪ PRO PLAN DRY Feline, expiry date up to November 2024 and
    ▪ PRO PLAN DRY LiveClear, expiry date up to August 2024
    ▪ PRO PLAN WET Feline, expiry date to November 2024
    4.3 After above dates and stock relating to initial orders the following returns policy will apply for PRO PLAN:
    ▪ MVW need to be informed of expiring stock 4 months before expiry.
    ▪ Stock to be returned to MVW for full credit 1 month before expiry. With the completed ARG (Approval to Return Goods) form received from your tele-sales representative
  5. The appropriate ARG (Approval to Return Goods) Form shall be completed by the MVW Representative who shall then advise as to whether the goods should be:
    a. Returned to MVW;
    b. Destroyed;
    c. Used as samples; or
    d. Discounted.
  6. Goods to be returned must:
    a. Be packed in a suitable manner;
    b. Be in its original packaging;
    c. Must still be sealed, with exception of 4.1; and
    d. Be accompanied by a copy of the Invoice and the ARG Form.
  7. Products shall not be accepted for credit on slow-moving stock (See point 4 for PRO PLAN specific arrangements) without the consent of The Sellers’ National Operations Manager or General Manager. The same procedure should be followed as per above.
  8. The cost of transporting returns shall be for the customer’s account unless the return arises due to an error made by The Seller.
  9. Under no circumstances shall credits be passed on cold-chain products, including biologicals and
  10. Under no circumstances shall credits be passed where goods have been specifically ordered on request
    from the buyer.
  11. Credits shall not be passed on any items that have been opened or unpacked from its original packaging, with exception of 4.1.
  12. Parcels must be clearly marked for delivery to:
    Please also include the correct and complete physical address on the parcel according to the Branch the product is being returned to. This address will be clear on the original MVW Invoice. An MVW Representative will gladly assist with the details if required.
  13. Claims cannot be processed if the necessary documents are not attached to the goods.
  14. The Seller reserves the right to reject returns if the above policy is not adhered to.